Above: Darwin Bedford handing out leaflets warning marchers of the Bush administration's religious agenda.


Warning:  If you vote for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives you would be voting for religious extremists with a hidden agenda.

Hello, I'm Darwin Bedford, the Atheist Messiah, and I keep an eye out for this sort of thing.  Here's the article that led me to post this warning ...

Harper essay warned of sliding social order, need to fight left
Liberals say article proves Conservative leader has 'hidden agenda'

Mark Kennedy, Sean Gordon and Anne Dawson, with files from Peter O'Neil and Kate Jaimet
CanWest News Service (Wednesday, June 09, 2004)

Then I did a Google search and found the essay that Stephen Harper wrote in June 2003.  Here's the link to it ...

Rediscovering The Right Agenda
By Stephen Harper - Report Magazine
The Canadian Alliance leader outlines how social and economic conservatism must unite



Click on the above image and you will see that a vote for the Conservatives will invite terrorists to regard Canada as just another state of the United States of America.

So, if you want to see Canadian politics intertwined with religious morals that will bring forth hatred and anxiety in this country, then vote for the Conservatives.  I'll ante up my efforts to counter their crusade.


If you must vote for an alternative to the Liberals, then I would prefer that you vote for the Green Party of Canada or the New Democratic Party.


As it turns out, I'm not the only one concerned about Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.  Here's someone else's site that warns people of their agenda.